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From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

Navy’s PACT program provides a monitored, general apprenticeship program enlistment option with future designation opportunities for new recruits. After boot camp and minimal technical training, new Sailors go directly to a ship to do general ship work while learning about different ratings before applying for a rating designation

Here are six things to know about the PACT program:

  1. Based on Fleet input and Sailor feedback, a Navy working group has been reviewing ways to improve the Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) program. The group’s goal is to stabilize program inventory, reduce training requirements on the fleet, decrease command personnel turnover and empower command triads.
  2. To ensure all Sailors have an evaluation period and on-the-job training (OJT) opportunity, effective Aug. 31, we are reinstating the 12 months onboard requirement before PACT Sailors can submit their designation application. Sailors with less than 12 months onboard who have already submitted rating designation application can continue the application process.
  3. PACT Sailors will continue to use Career Waypoints (C-WAY) – PACT Designation module to request designation. To help increase career opportunities, Sailors are encouraged to take advantage of their command’s Career Development Boards and the Career Exploration Module (CEM) within the C-WAY system.
  4. The monthly application ranking in C-WAY is being modified, moving the time onboard higher in the sort. This change will provide greater weight to experience and allow more time for OJT.
  5. Progress has been made in providing timely rating designation for PACT Sailors. All eligible PACT Sailors who entered boot camp in fiscal year 2012, Year Group (YG)12, have been given the opportunity for a rating designation and YG13 Sailors are on track to receive designation opportunities by end of September. All YG14 Sailors will receive designation opportunities by end of fiscal year 2016.
  6. Work to improve the program based on Fleet input and Sailor feedback continues, including encouraging mentorship, exploring ways to provide greater career opportunities for PACT Sailors, and modifying recruitment goals to help increase opportunity for Sailors to designate into their desired rating.

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