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Hello Everyone,

  Is there a backlog going on for security clearance for Nukes?

  My son initially had June 2017 as ship dates which is now been pushed to Dec 2017.  We are really worried about what he will do for 9 months and it also delays his career. 

  Thank you for your response.

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My son enlisted as a nuke in Oct '16. Was set to go to boot camp Aug 1. They told him yesterday that his security clearance isn't done so it will likely be October.
We contacted the nuke coordinator in St Louis to try to find out what was going on. He assured us there were no indications of problems, and they were likely just having trouble making contact with people they needed to talk to.
So we started asking all the people we gave them contact info for. NONE of them have gotten a call from the Navy yet.
His temp job ends July 31 because he told them he was leaving. We now have to figure out if and how he can find a job that he can work August and September.
He just got his drivers license so we are going to be paying a lot more in car insurance than we thought. He has agreed to pay us back when he starts getting paid by the navy because he will then be richer than us.
It's definitely disconcerting that things are moving so slowly. He's already been in DEP over 9 months.

getting close to the end of the fiscal year...............

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