Navy Dads

I'm a Navy Nuke Dad.

My wife, his mother chose to leave as my son started A school.

He is currently serving aboard Our USS Carl Vinson

We've recently heard news of  it.

I am desperately trying to be a good father.

Without a wife and his mother, I'm kind of not doing very well.

He's angry.

As he should be, but his anger has become kind of focused on me of recent.


No one need reply.

I just had to spill, and I have nothing else but here.

What my wife has done is indefensible, and as a 54 year old man i can deal.

Yet I am so worried about my son Serving Our Nation off the coast of North Korea.

All aside...

My Son is a Navy Nuke driving Our USS Carl Vinson every day against North Korea.

I am so incredibly proud that I am his Father!

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I'm so sorry Stephen. 

Steve, you and your son have my prayers and support.

For you, if you have a religious preference, share and ask for support.  You ain't alone.

For your son, if he wants to adopt a nuke trainee, I volunteer my son at Goose Creek.

Strength be to you in times of distress.


  I came from a similar situation long ago. Without going into great detail I can tell you that, as my own experience showed me, as long as you continue to be a positive example for your son he will at some point realize who has his best interest at heart. Be patient, be supportive, avoid showing any negativity regarding his mother, and he'll come to his own honest conclusions eventually.

 Sincere regards, Pat 


I want to emphasize Pat's last not show negativity or make negative comments about his mom.  When I learned I was getting divorced my kids were 10 and 12 and their mom and I made a pact and held firm that neither of us would ever say anything bad about the other....we are friends still and that was more than 20 years ago.....families may grow apart but never strain the bond between parents and their children.....

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