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My future nuke finally got the call that he's leaving next week. Originally we were told we would have a couple weeks notice, but we got 7 days.
Apparently this is because of where it falls in relation to RTC graduation and Christmas. Because his normal expected graduation date (Dec 22) is the same day that they close down for Christmas, his graduation is apparently bumped up to Dec 15.
Two questions...
Anyone have experience with a shortened boot camp experience, and how is it therefore different than the normal?
How will this impact his transition into A school if he ends up arriving in Goose Creek on Dec 16, right before Christmas break?
Thank you!

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He'll still get the same training. If anything is shorter it will be the P-days. They will take a day or 2 less to in process the recruits in that particular training group. The actual training schedule is pretty rigid in that event "X" happens on 1-5 day, event "Y" happens on 3-2 day, etc. There may be some time near the end of training to fudge the schedule a little when they run the divisions through Battle Stations.

As far as A-School goes, NNPTC does a holiday stand down so he will, most likely, arrive in Charleston on Saturday, start INDOC with his class on Monday which will finish on Friday, and then start actual classes after the stand down sine it will probably start on the 22nd as well.

Looks like his clearance issue got resolved.

Yes! It's possible that the timing was coincidence but we don't think so.
At the last DEP meeting my wife mentioned to the 'right person' that we were going to look into him filling out the FAFSA and researching college choices. As long as this was being drawn out, with no sign of progress, we didn't want to leave him stuck working at McDonalds for who knows how long and not able to get on with his life. January would have been 15 months in DEP.
They got on the phone during the DEP meeting and made some calls.
12 days later we were told he was shipping in 7 days!

Scott Henry said:

Looks like his clearance issue got resolved.

The divisions right before Christmas are "push" divisions.  They still get all the same training, there is just less wiggle room.  He'll get to Goose Creek and be offered the opportunity to take holiday stand down leave. I know the dates for Great Lakes, so GC should be about the same, 22nd to the 6th (or just one week of that, depends on the training command).  He will have earned five days of leave or so at boot camp, so will need to "borrow" unearned leave days.  This is one of the few times in the Navy he would get to take guaranteed leave, so he should take advantage of it.  The staff at school want their time off too, so students are strongly encouraged to go home during the stand down.  He will be briefed on the time frame, procedure, and how much leave he can take once he gets to school.  It will make tickets expensive, but not much can be done about that.

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