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At 6:12am on November 15, 2017, Billy said…

Thank you very much

At 12:29pm on November 11, 2017, Mike Baker said…

Thanks Jim! I joined the Facebook page. Which one would be more preferable, the web site or the Facebook page?

At 2:59pm on November 7, 2017, Elizabeth Burns said…

Thank you Jim!

At 9:11pm on October 4, 2017, Richard James Tully, Jr. said…

Thanks Jim, I have no idea what to expect. I don't know his motivation for joining or wanting to become a SEAL other than he's always challenging himself.

At 10:02pm on September 18, 2017, Rodger Cary Scoggin said…

Thank-you, Jim!!  Can't wait to look around.

At 7:53am on September 18, 2017, Rick Stinehour said…

Thank you, Jim. A very impressive website. I look forward to the opportunity of exploring it and being a helpful contributor to the group. Thanks again!

At 5:05pm on August 19, 2017, steven stanilewicz said…
Thanks for the welcome son steve has been in uniform most of his life....scouts which he eagled and jrotc which he was an officer.....his dream was to serve in the navy ..he now is living the dream....ultra proud navy family....thanks for the welcome
At 7:15pm on August 14, 2017, Stephen C Laredo said…

Thank you. We are pretty much a military family for the most part I guess you could say.My Grandfather fought in World War II. He was wounded twice shot once and tripped on a trip wire. We look forward to seeing our son in RI. And hope to get the most of this experience since we are not from the area. Any and all advice to make the trip the most fun for class 01-18 Charlie.

At 7:53am on August 11, 2017, Dave Sandstrom said…
Thanks for the warm welcome Jim and thank your son for his service to our country. Things are still a little surreal around the house with being empty nesters on top of a child entering the military. We have a daughter entering her junior year at UW Lacrosse. Wesley reported to RTC GL on 8\8. It was tough for us to watch the van leave MEPS that day and the phone call a few hours later didn't really help. We raised him to be a respectable young man to this point and I guess he's learned something along the way. I know I've underestimated his character some too.
At the end of the day it's not about us, it's about him. We are both very proud of him for answering the call and trust he will make the most of the opportunity in front of him.
Thanks for listening and God Bless.
At 7:08pm on August 7, 2017, Kim Gerads said…

Thank you Jim! Thank you for your son's service!!

It has been a definite roller coaster ride with the unknowns.

My son's best friend went into the Navy also and left a week before July 20th and my son left July 27th so it is like we had two that left but at different times. My son's friend's Dad already got his grad date letter and a letter from his son a week ago and we are still waiting for the letter telling us his grad date and mailing address so we can hurry and get letters off to him soon here. We did receive his box of belongings already.  

Thank you again for the invite and also for this site to talk to others and hear what everyone have experienced.  

Thank you!!

At 9:36pm on July 25, 2017, Mirela Mirkovic said…

Thank you for the warm welcome, Jim.

I have no military experience whatsoever and I am a mother so of course I'm on edge a bit:) My daughter just went to RTC a week ago. I received her belongings package already but I do not know anything about her address - ship and division. Do you have any idea when will I get this info? I already wrote her a letter but I need an address.

Thank you again and thank your son for his serving!


At 7:12pm on June 30, 2017, Dan Engle said…


Thanks for the warm welcome. I am sure I will be frequenting this page during my son's career in the US Navy. It is great to have a community for support here.

At 12:56am on June 26, 2017, George Demetriou said…

Thank you Jim!

At 4:39pm on June 25, 2017, Holly said…

hey mr magoo!

long time no chat or talk. just figured I would say hi to you and mrs. magoo! hope you,bev and Stephen are well. miss you!

At 8:09am on June 21, 2017, Wesley A Kanost said…


Thank you for your comment and warm welcome! Also, thank you to your son for his service! My daughter Hannah is just completing her first full week of RTC and I'm sure, is still getting her sea legs.

I come from a family with some military background. My Dad was in the Air Force during the Korean conflict and my older sister served in the Navy in the late seventies and early eighties in Antarctica of all places.

Hannah is very patriotic and wants to serve her country. She is also ambitious and after her Navy career will go to a school that specializes in the technological end of the entertainment industry. She has a plan. That's more than I can say when I was 18. LOL!

Thanks again and I will make full use of the website as things progress.


Wes Kanost

At 9:38am on June 8, 2017, Evangelina Hernandez said…

Thank you! I'm hoping to learn a lot here. My daughter will be my only "experience" with the military.

Nothing has ever been SO new to me and I'm looking for all the "help" I can get. :)

At 7:42pm on June 6, 2017, Jerome May said…

Thanks for the welcome. To those who are "lurking" , my son has made it through boot camp and now is in the ET programme at Goose Creek, SC.  Week 8 or thereabouts.

Yes, I'm proud of him.  Excessively.

Background:  I'm not military; the draft expired the year I graduated college (they probably wouldn't have wanted me because my eyesight was terrible), and my father was Army Air Force (yes, that long ago) before I was born.

God bless you all.  Now, if only the .mil and .gov would update the security certificates on their sites, so that I would not need to add Firefox security exceptions...

At 11:01pm on May 28, 2017, Rudy Mui said…

Hi Jim,
Thanks very much for the warm welcome! Look forward to learning from everyone's experiences and sharing my own. Thanks to your son for his service.



At 8:54am on May 25, 2017, Terry said…

Thanks, Jim.  My son's name is Eric also. :)  He was told back in March by his recruiter that he was accepted into OCS.  He was told his letter/orders would arrive within a month.  It's been two months now and nothing.  He's working out every day and trying not to be discouraged.  He's very ready to get on with his new career.  T

At 9:48pm on May 9, 2017, Kyle Sheffield said…

Hi Jim,

Thank you for the warm welcome. And thanks to your son for his service!


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