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We fly the American Flag every day here at home.  It occurred to me how wonderful it would be to be able to fly a flag at home, that had previously flown on our daughter's ship.

I know they have a program at the US Capital Building to rotated several flag a day so as to provide mementos, but I have no idea who or what would be involved in sending  our daughter a flag and then her being able to hoist it for even a few minutes onboard and the returning it to us.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Well, have you asked her about it? Maybe she should ask her CMC. 

Thanks for the tip.

My daughter says she checked with whomever it is that is responsible for the flag raising.  I think she may have said it was the quartermaster.  Anyway they told her that it was "unlikely" that they could raise a personal flag, but they thought her hanging her flag over the rail would get just as much "sea spray".

So I may have to settle for over the rail as opposed to up the mast, but I thought I would ask here if there was a president or protocol for getting a personal flag into the rotation.  What I would really love would be a USA and a Texas state flag that both had been flown on board.  lol

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