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My son is an MA in Bahrain. His cousin purchased him a pocket knife while on leave. He did not think he could bring it on base. While travelling back into Bahrain by flight he also did not think he could travel with in his luggage under the plane either. So he left it here at home. Does NSA Bahrain base have any rules against shipping a pocket knife to him?

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not sure about the base, but the Postal Service has restriction on what can be shipped: regarding knives and sharps-

check with your postmaster

Jason, Texted my son who is there, even though it's 12:00 am. He said you can't ship weapons. Sneak one on? Sounds like they aren't supposed to have them. Sneaking means it isn't so good but I am sure it happens but it sounds like you shouldn't be shipping it to him. It should be easy enough for him to find out. It's always best for him to check on his own, I am sure they are printed.

He says he didn't think they could. He did mention weapon but wasn't sure what they determine as a weapon.

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