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Hello Everyone. Thanks for accepting me to this group. I wanted to join to learn and see what my son is experiencing through boot camp. He has joined the Navy and the job he picked was navy aviation airman professional apprenticeship (PACT). Not really sure what that means. He left for boot camp on Thursday, July 13th and arrived at Great Lakes at Midnight. I have received his last call from him letting me know that he arrived at boot camp safely. I am so excited for him. I think his PIR date will be 9-8-17. I havent heard anything yet to confirm that. Also when he is done with his boot camp, I beleive he will go to A-school in Pensicola, FL. Can someone here confirm the above information for me and maybe tell me what avy aviation airman professional apprenticeship (PACT) and how long A-school will be? all I know is what I read on the Navy website... Thanks in advance

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Start here Gregory:

Yes, he goes to Pensacola for aviation. Any Naval aviation rate goes to Pensacola. You will be getting his box of personal affects in about a week, then you will get a letter about two weeks after that giving you all the details for his PIR. That will also include the list of people he wants to have at his PIR. Four names maximum. 

Take some time to explore the Boot Camp group and the PIR group. There is a tab at the top of the page for groups. Lots of information to be had!

If you have questions, Paul and I are usually around to answer.


Thanks Jim for the response.... That was great information you provided me

Any time Greg...that's what we live for!

Hi Gregory-  My son also arrived at Great Lakes on the 13th of July.  He is our 2nd to go through.  (not that it makes it any easier)  Hopefully we will all receive some contact info later this week.  My son is an IC (Interior Communications) and will stay in GL for his A school.  I'm sorry I dont have more info on the Airman PACT but I will be more than happy to keep in touch as we hear from Jordan during Boot Camp.

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