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Hi all,

I'm new to this site so forgive any dumb questions.  

My son just finished flight school in Pensacola, was number one jet rated in his class.  Unfortunately there was no slots this (there were 8 last week!!) week when he got his platform.  He ended up with E2-C2, which wasn't even on his list, so of course I have no idea what the "path" will be for him.  Can anyone help clarify for me?  

Also, since he received this platform, is there any chance they would switch him to strike during the training process?  Since they all begin on the same planes?  He's really disappointed, but of course says he's fine with it.  Just curious.

Thank you!

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You mean the E-2C Hawkeye? Radar platform- this is the E-2D...the Delta (the "D" in E-2D) is the latest version but looks about identical to the Charlie (the "C" in E-2C)

and one other comment- if it is the E-2C, bet he'll get more flying hours than in Strike aircraft...maybe not as glamorous but more important to fleet protection by far. 

Thank you.  They are certainly interesting looking planes. He's very positive about.  Definitely disappointed about the jets, but just wanting to fly.  Wings of gold are wings of gold!  Do you happen to know how the training actually goes?  He's married so I would imagine he'll stay at Corpus for however long.  Then off to either California or Norfolk?

I had all his other options down, but this one is new to me.

Thank you once again!

I cannot help with answers about the training though I would believe it would be in Florida.  My son turns wrenches on the plane shown in the photo....we do have a Pilots group - maybe some answers there?

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