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This is somewhat irregular situation and I'm hoping other parents might have dealt with it. My son is leaving for RTC in a few weeks, but he doesn't have his driver's license yet. The state we live in makes it so difficult to get a minor licensed (cost for professional driver training) and other hurdles.  We just recently got him his driver's permit, and I was planning on putting him on a personal driver training "crash course" so he could take the driver's test right when he turned 18 at the end of this month.

Now his recruiter called him last week and said his departure date for RTC is sooner than we were expecting and is in a few weeks, "mandatory." That's fine. But that puts him being licenced to drive out of reach, because those appointments are weeks out.

I wish I had that extra month. I'm thinking him not being licenced to drive is going to be a major liability in the future after basic training, then A school, then deployment.

Has any other parent had a recruit go in while unlicensed to drive, and how did it resolve out?

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My son went in without a drivers license.  Hasn't been a big liability for him.  He's stationed in Norfolk and between taxi's, buses and UBER he gets around.  He's been in for 3 years with no real issue.

He'll be fine and wind up saving a bunch on insurance/car payments/etc.  Someone always has a car.  I didn't get my first vehicle until many months into my first duty station and truth be told, I didn't need it, simply wanted it.  He might be better off getting his license in whatever state he winds up in anyway.  He can always borrow a friends car.

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