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Hello everyone,

Our son is leaving soon and he was told by his recruiter that you don't need a paid calling card.  In fact, they claimed to not know what a calling card is.  Is there anyone out there that can tell me if he needs a calling card.

Thank you,


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His recruiter is correct. A calling card is not needed. 

Thank you.

Hey Bryan,  as far as I can tell, the recruiter is correct when he/she said he didn't need a calling card. My wife and I have been pleasantly surprised with 3 phone calls from our recruit in the past several weeks and he left us with nothing but the clothes on his back. One call was awarded to him on Mother's Day for outstanding performance :)   Things are definitely a little different now than when I served back in the late 80's early 90"s.  I think we were permitted 2 calls, the first being the 10 second " I made it here safe" call, and the second sometime around week 6 or 7 if memory serves me correct. 

 I'm pretty sure if he's permitted to call, they'll have some way to facilitate it for him.

 Best regards, Patrick

Thank you Patrick.  I was in the AF late 80s early 90s and had the same calls.  I have to say, it sure is different when your youngest is leaving and you are on the other side of the equation. 

Is it tough for anyone else?


We figured out through the Navy for moms group that one of the better options is PennyTalk. It's basically like a calling card. It's a penny a minute to talk along with a flat fee of something like 50 cents to place the call. All they need to take with them is the PennyTalk number to call, and know their 4 digit pin and the number they are calling. Works for international calling too.

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