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My daughter graduated 1.19.18.    But was put in ship 5 till her medical papers are signed.   Hope it doesn't take long.  She said she's talk to people that's been there for mths.  Boy I hope not.   Has anybody no people has went to ship 5 and how long did they wait

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Sorry Marty. I just saw this. Yes, sometimes new recruits can be there for a long time. But Ship 5 is mainly filled with recruits who are being sent home. Mostly medical. But since your daughter has already graduated, she probably won't be there long. Check out our group:


Well she still at ship 5.  But we found out  why the nurse wrote her information in the wrong place.   Now everything is fix.  Now waiting on her orders.  But she really getting frustrated and thinking about changing jobs to get shipped out.   But I told her she would regret it.  So I guess it's all up to her.   Hopefully her orders come this week

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