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The Trident is awarded to those who earn the right to say they are a Navy SEAL.  The training is considered to be the most difficult military training of any warfare group in the world.  But do you know what the meaning is for the 4 elements on the Trident & what they symbolize?



The Golden Trident



"The Trident has been the badge of the Navy SEAL since 1970. It is the only warfare specialty pin that is the same for officers and enlisted.


It symbolizes that we are brothers in arms. That we train together and we fight together.


There are 4 parts of the Trident- each one symbolizes an important facet of our warfare community. 


The anchor symbolizes the Navy, our parent service, the premier force for power projection on the face of the planet, and the guarantor of world peace.  It is an old anchor which reminds us that our roots lie in the valiant accomplishments of the Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolition Teams.


The trident, the scepter of Neptune or Poseidon, king of the oceans, symbolizes a SEAL’s connection to the sea. The ocean is the hardest element for any warrior to fight in. But we must be masters of the sea.


The pistol represents the SEAL’s capabilities on land, whether direct action or special reconnaissance.  If you look closely it is cocked and ready to fire and should serve as a constant reminder that you too must be ready at all times.


The eagle, our nation’s emblem of freedom, symbolizes the SEAL’s ability to swiftly insert from the air. It reminds us that we fly higher in standards than any other force.  Normally the eagle is placed on military decorations with its head held high.  On our insignia, the eagle’s head is lowered to remind each of us that humility is the true measure of a warrior’s strength."


Eric Greitens: The Heart and the Fist

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