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My son is currently at Great Lakes in basic training. He is in Ship 02 Div 902. Anyone out there have a son or daughter in the same?? Just wondering I am proud as hell of my son making this decision on his own. I knew he was interested in the military since he was in elementary school as I am a army veteran myself. He actually asked me if I would be upset if he decided to join the Navy instead of the Army. That was when I explained to him that I was sort of the black sheep of the family. My Grandfather was Navy in fact he was at Pearl harbor in 1941 when it was attacked. My father did his time on a Diesel boat the USS Chopper off Korea. My father’s brothers and my mother’s brothers where all Navy too. So he is just following the family tradition for his generation. So my son has followed his Grandfather and will be the next submarine sailor in the family. I told him that after he graduates from sub school to go to my older brother and ask him if he can have my dads Dolphins as my brother has had them since my dad passed in 2000. I got the chance to talk to him two weeks ago when his DRC let them have a phone call. He was excited and happy about the choice he made in joining the Navy. He said boot camp was tough but nothing he couldn’t get done. I asked him how he was handling the “direction” that he was getting from his DRC. He laughed and said that his DRC had the reputation of being one of the loudest and toughest on the base. He also told me that he was prepared for basic by me yelling at him his whole time as a teenager lol. I am one proud papa I know that he has made the leap from the nest and he will be just fine. Now I understand what my dad meant when he told me he knew I was gone and not coming back as I walked down the gangway for the airplane and never looked back. I understand now dad I understand.

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Yeah my daughter is at Great Lakes right now as well .. she has 2 weeks left before PIR .. she made this decision on her own .. no one in my family has ever been in the military .. im a nervous wreck but confident that she will do great ... congrats to you and your son .. blessings 

Congratulations on the future sailor in your family. Makes you proud see them spread their wings doesn’t it.

Great sharing of info. My son is Ship 12 Div 16. Shipped 25sep17. 4th generation Navy. Great Grandpa, both Grandfathers, me and now him. We are proud. I was enlisted and then picked up my commission. Honorable Discharge, LCDR, SC. My son got his degree, applied for OCS, made the academic cut but got passed over. He chose to go enlisted and work his way up (like me). He wrote to us and says all is going well.

My daughter is there and is scheduled to graduate on the 22nd. I may have opened her eyes; however, she is the one who made the decision to enter the Navy. Her mother and I are very proud of her!

Count me in as well, different ship and division though. My son, at age 31 will be one of the old guys. I'm sure this will present some challenges but I know he's up for it. He looks much younger than his actual age which is probably a good thing. As a future sailor he had his active duty enlistment and ship out date changed from "five months away" to "five days from now" (voluntarily). Very proud. My wife and and I leaving for Great Lakes on the 20th for the PIR.

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